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Transportation Management

We'll do our part to make your business a success, with deliveries to most major europien, US, and ASIA.

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Sat, 22-Jun-2024

Transportation Management

ICM Group Transportation will get your products where they need to be, when they need to be there, helping you to signifcantly improve your operating effciency, reduce your total cost of operation, and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Our extensive carrier base includes established relationships with regional and national carriers specializing in modes including refrigerated, dry van and flat bed equipment. The powerful combination our skilled operations teams, deep carrier resources enables ICM Group to provide you ready access to the type of transportation you need. We can help streamline your shipping activities while reducing cost by leveraging our buying power on the open market.

With a comprehensive range of transportation management capabilities and services, we help you gain control of key transportation processes, regardless of the complexities of your industry or operations requirements.

ICM Group is catering manufacturers and distributors throughout the country to help streamline their transportation needs without the cost of an in-house employee. Our team is our strength, who have extended our tradition of service and integrity to companies in every location and situation, and who take pride in making us one of the most resilient resources of business and knowledge in the transportation industry.